Sellers: Avoid These Common Mistakes

I’m sharing three common home selling mistakes you should avoid.

Are you looking to sell your home? It’s an exciting process, but it’s also easy to land in some common pitfalls. That’s why I’m sharing three home-selling mistakes you should avoid if you want to sell your house quickly and for more money: 

Mistake No. 1: Not hiring an experienced professional. I get it—everyone wants to save money, and hiring a discount agent or selling your home yourself seems like a good way to do it. However, this decision will cost you in the long run. Without a professional agent, fewer buyers will view your home, and the ones who do will make weaker offers. In the end, your home will sell for less money, and the cash you left on the table will be much greater than whatever fee you would have paid a good agent. 

"Selling a home is complicated—a professional agent can help."

Mistake No. 2: Not preparing your home for the market. Many sellers think they don’t need to declutter, clean, or make repairs because they want to sell their properties as is. You can certainly do this, but you won't attract as many buyers. If you want to sell quickly and for the most money possible, you need to prepare. 

Mistake No. 3: Being picky with your showing times. I understand that it can be annoying to have buyers in and out of your home all the time. However, the more buyers see your home, the more likely you are to get the best deal possible. Try to be flexible with your showing times. This way, you’ll be more likely to find a buyer willing to give you the offer of your dreams. 

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