What Not To Do as a Seller in Today’s Market

Three mistakes you should avoid in this hot seller’s market.

With high buyer demand and record-low inventory, today’s market is full of unprecedented opportunities for sellers. However, that doesn't mean you’re guaranteed success no matter what. There are still some key things to know so you can avoid costly mistakes and win big. If you’re thinking of selling your home this year, you’ll want to avoid these mistakes:

Mistake No. 1: Overpricing your home. When inventory is as low as it is now, it’s easy to think that buyers will pay whatever you ask, but that’s just not true. Even in a seller’s market, listing your home at the right price will maximize the number of buyers who see your house, which creates the best environment for bidding wars. A real estate professional can help you set the best price for your home.

"Today’s seller’s market might be your best chance to make a move."

Mistake No. 2: Not keeping your emotions in check. People are living in their homes longer. The average tenure of a homeowner increased from five years in 1985 to 10 years today. That means your becoming even more emotionally attached to your space; you’re home likely has a special meaning to you. It can be hard for some homeowners to separate the emotional value of their house from the market value. That’s why you need a real estate professional to help you with the negotiations.

Mistake No. 3: Not staging the house properly. Most of us are proud of our decor, but not all buyers will feel the same way. That’s why it's important to stage your house with the buyer in mind. They need to be able to see themselves inside the home and not be distracted by your pictures or decorations. Stage, clean, and declutter to achieve this.

The bottom line is that today’s seller’s market might be your best chance to make a move. If you’re considering selling, call or email me or my team today. We’d love to help guide you through this market. If you’d like to know what buyers would pay for your home today, click here. We’d love to help evaluate your home and make a plan to buy your next one.


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