What’s Causing Our Crazy Market?

Here’s my interview with Nathan Burch on our market conditions.

Today we’re going to be talking about our current market conditions. I’m here with Nathan Burch, senior vice president at Vellum Mortgage. I was really impressed by how he presented what he knew about the market, so I wanted to interview him here and let him share his two cents with all of you.

You can watch the full message above or use the timestamps provided below to skip around to topics that interest you:

0:53 — Nathan’s overall thoughts

1:24 — What happened in March

2:25 — The government stepping in and the impact of it

3:52 — Where are our rates going?

4:47 — Why you should refinance or buy a home

5:32 — You’re buying a home, not a stock

7:04 — Looking at the home price index over time

8:39 — The real difference between now and 2006

10:09 — Wrapping up

I hope Nathan’s analysis helped you understand our market a bit more. If you have any real estate questions, give me a call. If you have any questions for Nathan, you can reach him at 703-350-4000. Both of us would love to help you out.


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